How It Works

PACE3 technology optimizes the HVACR unit’s response to the thermostatic call for cooling or heating, allowing more efficient heat transfer and boosting the overall efficiency of the HVACR unit.

In Cooling and Refrigeration Systems

Cooling and dehumidification don’t depend on how long the compressor runs–they depend on how much refrigerant changes from liquid to gas. With PACE3 technology, the compressor runs the minimum interval needed to cause compression of the maximum quantity of refrigerant per unit of compressor runtime. The result: improved compressor energy efficiency and other compressor benefits.

In Heating Systems

Many burners fire for extended periods to reach higher temperatures for longer periods than necessary to meet thermostat setpoints. Natural gas and oil furnaces may heat the plenum to reach temperatures of 800F+, exhausting much of the heat, while the thermostat or aquastat is satisfied at much lower air or water temperatures. PACE3 technology optimizes burner operation to allow for more efficient heat transfer, boosting the overall efficiency of the unit.

The PACE3 suite —

  • Is UL Listed, and is manufactured in the USA in ISO 9001 facilities
  • Installs easily on a wide range of heating, cooling and refrigeration equipment
  • Maintains full end-use performance of the retrofitted equipment, while providing immediate savings
  • Accommodates a wide variety of external sensor and remote-operation inputs
  • Offers rapid payback, typically 1-3 years (or even less in higher-cost areas)

Find Out More

Industry-leading testing has shown that the PACE3 suite can save you 15%-20%+ off your current HVACR energy costs. Customers who have to pay utility demand charges will save even more–as much as 40 percent or more! Contact us for full details.