Heating Systems

In heating applications, the PACE3 suite addresses a source of inefficiency in heating control systems known as the “flywheel effect”: the chain of hysteresis (time delays) in the heating unit’s response to the thermostatic call, either from a dedicated thermostat or a building management system.


Optimization Benefits

In many heating systems, much of the heat (and the and the gas, oil or electricity used to create it) is wasted. The PACE3 suite’s onboard software, combined with a suite of temperature and system peripherals, establishes an optimal sequence of burns or heat-bank energizations in response to the thermostatic call, that results in more efficient heat transfer and boosting the overall effectiveness of the unit, with less overshooting of setpoints.


Heating Applications

  • Furnaces, boilers, large hot water heaters and heat pumps
  • Electric heating equipment of four kilowatts and larger
  • Standard efficiency gas-fired or oil-fired heating equipment > 100,000 Btu/hour
  • Smaller units with higher loads and/or higher energy costs

Wide Range of Equipment Types

  • Package air-conditioning/heating units
  • Split system air-conditioning/heating units
  • Heat pumps (air source)
  • Heat pumps (water source)
  • Electric resistance heating and preheating units
  • Boilers (natural gas-fired and fuel oil-fired)
  • Furnaces (natural gas-fired and fuel oil-fired)
  • Hot water heaters (electric)
  • Hot water heaters (natural gas-fired and propane-fired)
  • Industrial process heating equipment