Cooling and Refrigeration Systems

Cooling efficiency in an air-conditioning or refrigeration unit doesn’t depend on the amount of time the compressor is running.  In cooling and refrigeration, our software works to optimize the operation of the compressor and fans to run less, but more efficiently — thus delivering energy savings with maintained setpoints and comfort conditions.

Optimization Benefits

  • Less icing on evaporation coils, providing more efficient heat transfer
  • Less energy used in defrost cycles
  • Lower average compressor stator winding temperatures, which can lead to increased compressor life

Cooling and Refrigeration Applications

  • Compressor-driven cooling equipment with thermal expansion valves and a capacity of five tons and larger (60,000 Btu/hour)
  • Smaller compressor-driven systems with higher loads and/or higher energy costs
  • Non-centrifugal chillers up to 120 tons, controls permitting

Wide Range of Applications

  • Package air-conditioning/heating units
  • Split system air-conditioning/heating units
  • Heat pumps (air source)
  • Heat pumps (water source)
  • Chiller units (non-centrifugal)
  • Walk-in coolers and freezers
  • Refrigeration racks
  • Refrigerated display cases
  • Refrigerated warehouses
  • Industrial process cooling equipment