How It Works

Features of the PACE3 suite:

Extremely Flexible

Our proven technology works on a wide range of heating, cooling and refrigeration equipment types, improving compressor efficiency and standard-efficiency burner heat transfer.

Rapid Payback

PaceControls technology results in such significant energy savings that the typical payback for a project ranges from just 1-3 years — even before incentives where available.

Standard Fifteen-Year Warranty

Rugged, durable and fully compliant with OEM specifications, our patented technology saves money long after payback, with persistence of savings and measure life over the life of the HVAC unit.

Rapid Installation by Any HVAC Technician

A great strength of the PACE3 suite in regional and national deployments is its ease and speed of installation by any qualifed HVAC technicia.  We can either work with your contractors on the installation, or recommend a firm from our national network. Once briefed, the installing HVAC contractors and/or HVAC maintenance staff will typically be able to handle any future installations.

Cash-Flow Positive from “Day One”

Leading energy financing institutions have formed agreements to provide favorable terms on 100 percent financing for creditworthy clients. Payments are usually significantly less than the monthly energy cost savings that PACE3 suite provides.