Gas-Fired Steam Boiler – Elementary School, North East US


Elementary School


North East, US


Power-Flame gas fired steam boiler 4,180,000 BTU/hr


Winter timeframe during vacation block and full occupancy


Degree Day normalized the boiler run reduction was 28 percent while the school was occupied and 30.7 percent during the vacation period. The savings are based on $1.15/ccf natural gas and at 10 percent would be $5,856/year, and at 15 percent, $8,785/year.*

* While savings at the full reduction would be substantially higher, savings were reduced to reflect factors out of our control when out of the test period including external factors such as doors propped open, windows opened and thermostat adjustment, which are normal in the subject atmosphere. The attempt is to accurately predict probable versus theoretical savings given the client circumstances.