Gas-Fired and Propane Fired Unit Heaters – 5 State Park Visitor Centers, Pennsylvania

PaceControls and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania did joint utility bill analysis over one cooling and two heating seasons, of the savings from HVAC retrofits, at five different PA state parks (administrative buildings).   The degree-day normalized analysis included retrofits of a variety of HVAC equipment: air conditioning, electrical resistance heating, and gas- and propane-fired heating equipment, and a 2-year-old ground-source (“geothermal”) heat pump (Carrier, 13 tons).  The analysis showed savings of 12-22% on the gas and propane-fired heating equipment.

In addition, for the heat pump we did extensive datalogging and IPMVP-compliant measurement and verification of the savings. The analysis indicated savings of over 25% on heating and over 45% on cooling. The data also showed excellent maintenance of indoor temperature and relative humidity even during two days of torrential rain.