Medical Products Distribution Centers – Minnesota and Pennsylvania

We retrofitted the distribution centers of two global Medical supply manufacturers and distributors.  At the Minnesota facility (approximately 500,000 SF) IPMVP-compliant M&V was done which included the datalogging of 4 makeup air heating units totaling 18 million kBTUH.  The analysis indicated savings of 12-17% without impact on indoor space temperature.  The project received pre-approval for rebates from Minnesota Energy Resources.

The 300,000 SF Pennsylvania facility was retrofitted for both heating and cooling.  IPMVP-compliant measurement and verification found 24.5% and 27% kWh savings on the two rooftop package units sampled.  Customer review of gas utility bills indicated an even higher level of savings for heating.  Subsequent to this project, we retrofitted the HVACR equipment on approximately 2,000,000 SF of this customer’s manufacturing, office, and distribution facilities. The customer reported paybacks of 4-24 months (without any utility incentives).