Case Studies

The following case study summaries were conducted by independent third party testing firms and/or by the company under the direct supervision of the client’s technical staff. These studies show the depth and breadth of applications for PaceControls’ breakthrough smart grid solutions.

Industry-standard (IPMVP, IEEE) protocols for these case studies include:
  • Detailed energy datalogging, and and also logging of interior temperature and relative humidity
  • Weather normalization using NOAA and site data
  • Utility bill analysis

In every case, the comparisons with and without the PaceControls technology operating have been weather normalized in accordance with industry standards to assure accurate reviews that fully account for differences in temperature and humidity during the test periods.

Air Conditioning – Office Building, Puerto Rico

Despite the undersized nature of the equipment to the facility, a 12% energy reduction was noted while fully meeting the thermostat settings. The savings based on the commercial tariff of $ 0.20/kWh is approximately $1000/year and additional savings for similar buildings with properly sized equipment would be readily achieved.

Gas-Fired Steam Boiler – Elementary School, Massachusetts

Weather-normalized boiler gas consumption was reduction by 28% while the school was occupied, and 31% during the vacation period. The savings are based on $1.15/ccf natural gas and at 10% would be $5,856/year and at 15% $8,785/year.

Rooftop AC – Major City, Dept. of Public Works, New York

Power Demand was reduced by a weather normalized factor of 28% on the metered equipment, significantly exceeding client expectations.

Split AC – Automobile Manufacturer, Texas

Extrapolating the savings and weather normalized, this client saw a 31% reduction in energy draw on the air conditioning equipment monitored for the study.

Ground Source (Geothermal) Heat Pump – State Park Visitors Center, Pennsylvania

Weather normalized using two local weather stations, energy reduction was 27.6%, with a portion of the savings coming from optimization of the unit’s auxiliary electric heat bank as well. Annualized savings @ $0.08/kWh are approximately $812/year.

Gas-Fired Hot Water Heater – Large Hotel, Massachusetts

Boiler run time reduction was normalized to 9.2%. Assuming natural gas @$1.40/CCF even a 5% savings would equate to $14k/year. The 9.2% savings equates to an annualized saving of $25k/year.

30 Ton Chiller, 3 Ton Split AC – Major University, Washington DC

Trials done in coordination with the university’s facility staff goals resulted in electric savings of 19% on the office split air conditioning system, and 23% on the chiller unit serving a campus academic department building.

Oil Fired Steam Boiler – Apartment Loft Building/Arts Center, Massachusetts

Oil savings were weather normalized to 13%, which equates in high heating season to approximately 720 hours. The savings associated with this reduction is approximately 5,040 gallons of oil @ $1.95/gallon or $9828/heating season.

30 Ton Packaged AC – Office Building, Texas

Extrapolating the energy savings from the test period to a full year’s operations and using the recorded data values, the energy savings would be 18,718 kWh. At an average energy cost of $0.155/kWh this would be an annualized savings of $2,901/year.

5 Ton Rooftop AC – Manufacturing Site, Texas

Extrapolating this energy savings over a year’s period produces an annual energy savings of 21,559 kWh, which at 8.5¢ per kWh is a $1,832 annually cost savings.

Rooftop Packaged AC/Gas Heating – Big Box Stores, Illinois

Both utility bill analysis, and extensive IPMVP-compliant datalogging showed energy savings of 27% kWh reduction for cooling, and 34% reduction in heating (natural gas therms).

Rooftop AC – Office Supply Store, California

IPMVP-compliant measurement and verification of a sampling of the retrofits at this building (15-ton York package units) found 17% kWh savings.

Rooftop Packaged AC/Gas Heating – Supermarket, Idaho

The customer also received energy-efficiency rebates for both gas and electric conservation from Idaho Power due to a reduction of 17% in kWh consumption and a 34% for natural gas.

Rooftop AC and Oil-Fired Steam Boiler – Specialty Paper Manufacturer, Connecticut

Third-party supervised IPMVP-compliant measurement and verification indicated 15% kWh savings.

Direct-Fired Make Up Air and Packaged Units – Stonyfield Farms Yogurt Plant, New Hampshire

Analysis of the M&V data revealed 22% kWh savings on air conditioning, and 13% savings on natural gas-fired heating.

Heat Pumps (265), 18-Story Office Tower – PNC Center, Wilmington, Delaware

Degree-day normalized utility bill analysis over the course of 20 months indicated savings of over $37,000 on an annualized basis.

Packaged AC —  University Administration Building, Maryland

Analysis showed a reduction of >25% in kWh with indoor temperatures well-maintained.

Packaged AC/Gas Heating, and Heat Pumps – Bank Branches, Virginia

At the three branches where we did datalogging, the M&V revealed energy savings ranging from 14% to 23% with space temperatures well maintained.

Packaged AC/Gas Heat and Unit Heaters – Major Retail Automotive Center, Connecticut

IMPVP-compliant measurement and verification of the savings revealed 14% lower gas consumption for the retrofitted RTU and 26% for the retrofitted unitary heater.

Gas-Fired Hydronic Heating and Domestic Hot Water Boilers – Fraternity Houses, Washington & Lee U., Lexingon, VA

An IPMVP-compliant measurement and verification analysis of the energy savings indicated 17% and 23% natural gas savings at the two buildings with indoor space and water temperatures maintained.

Heat Pumps and Gas-Fired Boiler – Assisted Living Centers, Pennsylvania

Analysis found 26% kWh reduction and 27.6% natural gas reduction with no impact on indoor temperature and water temperatures.

Roof Top Heat Pumps – Bowling Center, California

Degree-day normalized analysis of the data indicated a 15% reduction in kWh, and a kW demand reduction of 18%.

Packaged AC/Gas Heating – Park District Recreational Center, Midlothian, Illinois

The weather and occupancy normalized analysis indicated natural gas savings of 11-21% and kWh savings of 15-20% at this 39,000 SF building.

Gas-Fired and Propane Fired Unit Heaters – State Park Visitor Centers, Pennsylvania

The analysis showed savings of 12-22% on gas and propane-fired heating equipment at 5 state park administrative buildings.

Packaged AC/Gas Heating and Heat Pumps – Global Telecom Company, 9 Southeast US States

During 2012 and 2013, we managed turnkey retrofits of 100+ operations buildings for this customer and its global property manager. Paybacks of 1-3 years were realized for all locations before any utility incentives were included.

Packaged AC/Gas Heating – Quick Serve Restaurant Chain, Pennsylvania

We retrofitted 265 quick serve restaurants across Pennsylvania for one of the world’s largest restaurant chains. Analysis found 23% savings on natural gas heating.

Packaged AC – Quick Serve Restaurant Chain, Massachusetts

We retrofitted a 10-ton and 15-ton packaged units and the walk-in cooler at a Taco Bell franchise. Analysis indicated 13% kWh reduction on the air conditioning and 17% on the refrigeration with temperature set points maintained.

Packaged AC/Gas Heating – White Dog Cafe, Philadelphia, PA

Verification by a local consulting engineering firm confirmed 19.9% kWh savings for air conditioning and 22% therm savings for heating.

Packaged AC/Gas Heating – Science Charter School, Philadelphia, PA

After retrofitting the gas/electric packaged units on this city school, the results indicated 14-19% kWh savings for cooling and 15-21% therm savings for heating.

Utility-Sponsored Study, Heat Pumps – San Diego, California

A California Emerging Technologies Coordinating Council and San Diego Gas & Electric-sponsored study found 18% kWh savings, also with demand reduction and excellent temperature maintenance, in a 10-month study done on a high technology office and manufacturing building.

Packaged AC – Centennial College, Toronto, Ontario

Dual datalogging systems with review by a third-party engineering firm both found a 16% energy savings (kWH) on two RTUs sampled.

Refrigeration Racks – Regional Produce Logistics Center, Pennsylvania

We retrofitted most of the heating and cooling equipment at this facility. Analysis kWh savings of 6% and 21% respectively with no change in controlled space temperature.

Make Up Air Heating – Medical Products Distribution Centers, Minnesota and Pennsylvania

We retrofitted the distribution centers of two global Medical supply manufacturers and distributors and helped them cut down their energy costs significantly.