Warehouse & Distribution


Energy conservation is a must for warehouses, distribution and refrigerated storage centers.

Consider this: Warehouse and cold storage buildings use more than 460 trillion Btu of total energy in the U.S. annually.
With rising energy costs and an increased reliance on computers to manage operations (computers that suck up energy), overall demand is increasing.

A few warehouse modifications, including installing PaceControls energy efficiency technology on heating, air conditioning and refrigeration units, can mean big savings.


Example Warehouse Case Studies
Oil Fired Steam Boiler – Apartment Loft Building/Arts Center, New England US
Refrigeration Racks – Regional Produce Distribution Center, Central Pennsylvania
Make Up Air Heating – Medical Products Distribution Centers, Minnesota and Pennsylvania

PaceControls technology offers a highly flexible HVACR retrofit solution, an easy way for you to save money immediately. Best of all, PaceControls energy efficiency technology provides full value without complicated energy management systems.