Supermarkets and convenience stores rely heavily on expensive, energy-intensive refrigeration and dehumidification systems.

Supermarkets operate competing equipment at the same time—all of which translates into very high energy bills. In an industry where sales per-square-foot is everything, reducing energy costs by 10 percent is equivalent to increasing sales per-square-foot by nearly $42! With PaceControl’s patented energy efficiency technology, your store’s heating, air conditioning and refrigeration equipment are all made more efficient—providing you with substantial cost savings.

Consider this: A 10 percent reduction in energy costs for the average supermarket chain boosts profit margins by 6 percent and earnings per share by nearly 7 percent.


Example Supermarket Case Studies
Rooftop Packaged AC/Gas Heating – Big Box Stores, Illinois
Rooftop Packaged AC/Gas Heating – Supermarket, Idaho

PaceControls technology offers a highly flexible HVACR retrofit solution, an easy way for you to save money immediately. Best of all, PaceControls energy efficiency technology provides full value without complicated energy management systems.