Schools & Universities


The least efficient schools use three times more energy and spend 40 cents per square foot more than the best energy performers.

Consider this: Schools and universities spend approximately $2 billion each year on energy.

America’s primary and secondary schools (K-12) spend more money on energy (estimated at $6 billion annually) than on textbooks and computers combined. Smarter energy management can support educational missions and position a school as an environmental leader while saving money for repair, renovation, new faculty, new construction and core activities.


Example School and University Case Studies
Gas-Fired Steam Boiler – Elementary School, North East US
30 Ton Chiller, 3 Ton Split AC – Major University, Mid-Atlantic US
Packaged AC/Gas Heating – Public Charter School, Philadelphia, PA
30 Ton Chiller – George Washington University, Washington, D.C.
Packaged AC/Gas Heating – Centennial College, Toronto, Ontario

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