Houses of Worship


Houses of worship and their associated facilities are seven day-a-week resources for their communities, but their energy needs are highly variable.

Thanks to large, often older central heating and cooling equipment, houses of worship consume vast quantities of energy. A church activity building, for example, may have a daily day-care operation at one end, with the other end largely empty during the week.

Consider this:
  • According to ENERGY STAR, congregations that commit to energy savings can easily cut utility costs by 25 to 30 percent.
  • If each of the nation’s roughly 307,000 religious worship buildings cut energy use by 25 percent, congregations would save nearly $500,000,000 to spend on their other priorities. Not only that, more than 13.5 billion kilowatts/hour of electricity would become available with no new power plants.
  • Many states, particularly where energy markets have been deregulated or restructured, have rebate and set-aside programs to help pay for energy efficiency improvements, typically paid for out of electric and natural gas charges.

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