Government Facilities


In the U.S., federal, state and local governments spend more than $10 billion a year on energy to provide public services and meet constituent needs

In addition, transit facilities–airports, rail and bus terminals, and their associated repair and supply facilities–often have around-the-clock operations.

With ever-tightening budgets, administrators must cut costs, but this doesn’t mean they can–or need to–cut services. According to ENERGY STAR program data, nearly one-third of the energy used to run typical government buildings goes to waste! PaceControls proven patented energy-saving technology can help reduce a big portion of the waste in heating and cooling operations.

Consider this:
  • Taxpayers expect the government to rein in energy usage in its facilities, both for tax savings and for the environmental benefits of lower electricity and fossil fuel consumption.
  • Many states (particularly where energy markets have been deregulated or restructured) have rebate and set-aside programs to help pay for energy efficiency improvements, often paid for out of electric and natural gas charges.
  • Even in states that have not deregulated their energy markets, specific energy conservation funding programs are often available for state and local government buildings.


Example Government Facility Case Studies
Rooftop AC – Major City, Dept. of Public Works, North East US
Ground Source (Geothermal) Heat Pump – State Park Visitors Center, Mid-Atlantic US
Packaged AC/Gas Heating – Park District Recreational Center, Midlothian, Illinois

PaceControls technology offers a highly flexible HVACR retrofit solution, an easy way for you to save money immediately. Best of all, PaceControls energy efficiency technology provides full value without complicated energy management systems.