PaceControls develops and manufactures industry-leading, easy-to-install smart grid HVACR solutions for a wide variety of commercial, industrial and residential heating, cooling and refrigeration equipment.

Our Mission

To maximize the efficiency of your existing HVACR equipment.

Our Commitment

To save energy and cash, in a way that improves the environment by reducing carbon emissions and lowering wasteful energy use.


As an ENERGY STAR Partner, PaceControls is committed to delivering the most cost-effective energy saving solution (after the programmable thermostat) for existing heating, cooling and refrigeration equipment. We are proud that our new-product development work with global HVAC manufacturers will incorporate our technology into their next-generation equipment. Our Demand Response retrofit solutions will go even further toward helping you to reduce your power usage during peak periods. In many jurisdictions, you can get paid for using this type of technology. Imagine reducing your costs, cleaning up the environment and getting paid to do so!